Organic Germinated Hemp Protein Powder
Organic Germinated Hemp Protein Powder

Organic Hemp Protein Powder From Sprouted Hemp Seeds


Unique hemp protein powder from germinated / sprouted hemp seeds that offer maximum nutrient utilization. Up to 50% protein and 27% fibre content. 100% Vegan, Raw, Organic and Gluten Free.


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Organic Vegan Hemp Protein from Sprouted / Germinated Hemp Seeds

A unique organic hemp protein powder with up to 50% protein and 27% fibre. Complete plant based protein with a very high bioavailability containing all 9 essential amino acids. Can be used as a protein shake, or added in your ingredients to enrich your recipes with extra nutrition!

Why Germinated Hemp Seeds?

Germination, or sprouting is the process by which nature awakens the dormant seed to be transformed into a strong plant. There is a breakdown of complex molecules of nutrients and inhibitors (substances blocking their use), allowing the nutrients to be fully accessible. In other words, the protein and nutrients in sprouted whole hemp seeds used to make hemp protein powder are more readily available to your cells, and makes it easier for your body to metabolize the vital nutrients.

Instructions for preparing a nutritional high protein drink for 1 adult:

Mix 30 g of powder (2 table spoons) with 200 ml of water, vegetable milk, tea or juice, best in a shaker. Sweeten to taste. Can be flavored with cocoa, cinnamon etc…

Our Tip:

Super base for fruit, vegetable or milk cocktails or smoothies. Stir in yogurt, soups, spreads, muesli or dough for extra high protein cake or bread.


Organic hemp protein powder from germinated / sprouted hemp seeds.

Best Before: See bottom of the pack.

Raw | Gluten-Free | GMO Free | 100% vegan

Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight or source of heat.
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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Additional information

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200g, 500g

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