Organic Hemp Tea - My Hemp Chai - Mo Rocco - 45g
Organic Hemp Tea - My Hemp Chai - Mo Rocco - 45g
Organic Hemp Tea - My Hemp Chai - Go Home - 25g

Organic Hemp Tea – My Hemp Chai – Mo Rocco – 45g

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The highest quality hand harvested pure organic hemp leaves and flowers combined with green tea and mint.

Reduced to Clear – Best Before Date: 30.04.2021 – Product still suitable for regular use as this is not an expiry date.

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SUM – MY CHAI – MO ROCCO – Pure Organic Hemp Tea Mixture – 45g

Organic Hemp Tea – A balanced herbal tea infusion of hand harvested hemp leaves and flowers with green tea and mint.


The highest content of cannabinoids, terpenes, phenols and other beneficial substances are in the top flowering parts of the plant, while in the lower leaves only small, negligible amounts are found.
SUM hemp tea contains only leaves and flowers from the top parts of the hemp plant.


SUM Hemp tea comes from non-narcotic (THC free) varieties of hemp.
The product may contain young seeds as they are a natural component of hemp flowers which mature gradually during flowering of the plant.


Basic Preparation as a Herbal Tea Infusion: Pour 250 ml of freshly boiled water over 3 – 5 g of herbs, cover and allow to stand for about 3 – 5 minutes to infuse. You can also add your own herbal blends.


Cannabinoids and other active substances are released and bind with fats, so it can be advantageous to add a small quantity of something like coconut oil or milk to the tea.


Eco Packaging: The packaging material is fully compostable, including the transparent film

Additional information

Additional information

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