Organic Hemp Protein Shake – SUM Be Vegan Hero - Cocoa - 500 g
Organic Hemp Protein Shake – SUM Be Vegan Hero - Cocoa - 500 g

Organic Hemp Protein Shake – SUM Be Vegan Hero – Cocoa – 500 g

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Nourishing BIO plant based hemp protein with cocoa, gently sweetened with coconut flower nectar. Tasty, nutritious and quick. 40% protein. Quality organic raw materials, natural flavours and nothing more!

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SUM BE VEGAN HERO is a series of organic plant based protein powders for making nutritious shakes. Contains only high quality selected organic ingredients and natural flavors, finely mixed with organic nectar from coconut flowers. No GMO or any artificial additives. Naturally nutritionally valuable mixture for the preparation of high protein complex shakes (up to 40%).

Dairy Free – GMO Free – Gluten Free – 100% Vegan

Main Ingredients:

Hemp Protein, BIO, Raw
Hemp seed is an important plant source of complex full protein containing all 20 basic amino acids (including all 8 essential). Hemp protein powder is naturally low in carbohydrates, but rich in protein and fiber, and does not contain any known allergens. An excellent source of protein not only for active people and athletes but also for people with intolerance or allergies to other sources of protein (such as foods containing gluten, peanuts, soy, milk or eggs) or for vegans and vegetarians. Hemp protein powder is also a natural source of Group B vitamins and trace elements like iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus and potassium – so we do not have to enrich our product with these micro-nutrients.

Cocoa, Organic, Natural, Unalloyed
Cocoa, known as “Foods of the Gods”, and often referred to as a “superfood”, is known to be an extraordinary source of antioxidants (flavonoids), and natural, unalloyed lighter cocoa naturally contains more than the normal alkalized dark Dutch cocoa. Organic cocoa (in addition to high quality and with a certificate of origin) is a guarantee that no hazardous chemical pesticides or fertilizers have been used during cultivation, nor have any non-organic methods or agents been used for processing. Organic also means true respect for the local ecosystem. By purchasing organic products, you contribute to preserving the original ecosystems while supporting local communities.

Nutritional information:

(per 100 g of product)
energy: 1521 kJ / 363 kcal
fats: 9.4 g (of which: saturated fatty acids: 1.9 g)
carbohydrates: 23 g (of which: sugars: 18 g)
fiber: 17 g
protein : 38 g
salt **: 0.12 g
** without added salt. Salt is only present in food due to naturally occurring sodium.minerals: iron 18.2 mg / 130% *; phosphorus 1323 mg / 189% *; Magnesium 589 mg / 157% *; zinc 9.13 mg / 91% *; copper 2.01 mg / 201% *; manganese 10.7 mg / 533% *; potassium 1249 mg / 62% *
vitamins: thiamine (B1) 0.88 mg / 80% *; vitamin B6 1.02 mg / 73% *; folic acid 147 μg / 74% *
* daily reference intakes of vitamins and minerals (adults).


hemp protein powder *, coconut sugar *, defatted cocoa powder natural * 15%, natural flavors.
= organic, from organic farming

Country of origin:

EU / non-EU raw materials produced in Slovakia

Additional information

Additional information

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