SUM KaKauKo - Organic Hemp Protein Beverage with Cocoa - 195g
SUM KaKauKo - Organic Hemp Protein Beverage with Cocoa - 195g
SUM KaKauKo - Organic Hemp Protein Beverage with Cocoa - 195g

Organic Hemp Protein Beverage with Cocoa – 195g -SUM KaKauKo

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Organic raw hemp protein, cocoa and coconut flower sugar. A drink in powdered form for children and adults. Pure natural strength and energy!

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KaKauKo – Organic Plant Based Hemp Protein Beverage with Cocoa – 195g

Organic raw hemp protein, cocoa and coconut flower sugar. A drink in powdered form for children and adults. Pure natural strength and energy!


Nutrition data: (per 100 g of product)
Energy Value: 1474 Kj / 351 Kcal
Fats: 7 g (of which: saturated fatty acids: 3 g)
Carbohydrates: 38 g (of which: sugars: 32 g)
Fibre: 18 g
Protein: 25 g
Salt *: 0.06 g

* No salt added. Salt is contained in the food only due to naturally occurring sodium.


organic hemp protein powder (natural, raw, 50% protein), organic cocoa powder defatted (fat content up to 12%, natural, unaltered), organic coconut sugar, organic ceylon cinnamon, organic vanilla extract. Nothing more!


Kakauko is a hemp protein drink in powder form designed for both adults and children, flavoured with organic natural ingredients such as cocoa, vanilla, genuine Ceylon cinnamon and sweetened by one of the most energy-efficient choices of sugar – coconut flower nectar.
Without any artificial flavouring, preservatives, anti-clumping substances, dyes or other artificial ingredients … nothing like that.
Only real raw materials in the purest form.

For comparison with common chocolate drinks intended for children, it contains approximately:
5 x more protein, 2.5 x less sugar and at least 1.5 x more cocoa …


* Organic Raw Hemp Protein Powder
Hemp seed is an important plant source of complex full protein, it contains all 20 basic amino acids (including all 8 essential). Hemp protein powder, naturally low in carbohydrates but rich in protein and fibre, is made from seed after pressing the oil with a gentle milling and sowing method without thermal degradation or chemical extraction. It does not contain any known allergens. An excellent source of protein not only for active people and athletes but also for people with intolerance or allergies to other sources of proteins (such as gluten-containing foods, peanuts, soy, milk or eggs) or for vegans and vegetarians. Hemp protein powder is also an exceptional source of B-group vitamins and trace elements such as iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, potassium.


* Organic Cocoa, natural, unalloyed
Cocoa, also called “the dishes of the gods,” is known as an exceptional source of antioxidants (flavonoids), the least processed cocoa (naturally, thus unalloyed) contains, of course, more than the usual, alkalized dark Dutch-type cocoa. Bio cocoa (in addition to high quality and certification of origin) is a guarantee that no chemical pesticides or fertilizers were used during cultivation, nor did any non-organic methods or agents be used for processing. Forget about regular beverages with a little cocoa powder!


* Organic Coconut Flower
Coconut Flower Sugar is a natural sweetener traditionally made from coconut juice by gentle warming and drying, not refined, preserving both the flavour and the nutritional qualities of the original juice. The resulting product is sweet like regular sugar, and has a delicious taste, but lower GI rank than other sweeteners (glycemic index GI = 35 max). Contrary to stevia, it provides the body with enough energy for all activities.


* Organic Ceylon Cinnamon
Ceylon Cinnamon has a finer flavor than ordinary cinnamon and has a lighter color, however, it is extraordinary due to the extremely low coumarin content.


* Organic Vanilla Extract
Made from genuine vanilla, grown in controlled organic farming. This means, in particular, a preserved ecosystem and no chemicals – not only in the final product but also in the locality where the vanilla is grown. By purchasing a product with ecologically grown raw materials, you contribute to preserving ecosystems in these locations. And to much more. It makes sense.


For children and adults, for all who live an active life and need plenty of valuable energy for everything they like. Forget about conventional sugar-filled cocoa powder with almost no nutritional value (except for the energy value of the main ingredient of these products, i.e. refined sugar)! Treat yourself and your dearest to the best. It does not contain any of the 14 basic allergens, not even gluten, milk or soy. 100% vegan. You know exactly what it contains. Nothing else. If you’re already using cocoa, you can easily include KaKauKo. Cocoa (which is also a component of our drink) is generally not suitable for babies (up to 1 year), however some experts say it’s not suitable up to 3 years.


Our KaKauKo contains about 13 servings of tasty and nutritious hemp-cocoa beverage. Mix approx. 1 heaped tablespoonful (15g or 3-5 teaspoons) to 200-250 ml of liquid. Best to shake well in a shaker with warm (not hot) milk, best with plant-based milk, such as rice, almond or oatmeal. Cow’s milk is not a good diet for children. Sprinkle KaKauKo on pancakes, cakes or add a spoon to morning cereals, muesli or yoghurt, you can also use it wherever you would normally use cocoa powder or instant cocoa powder. In terms of composition, KaKauKo is the ideal drink before, during and immediately after exertion, because it delivers plenty of fast-paced energy as well as proteins for muscle growth or regeneration.


Because we have developed it for our closest, for our children, for our little athletes. We use the best quality that we have in the world. That’s why our KaKauKo is the best.

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