Hemp + Pea – Ultimate Vegan Protein Drink – Choco Coco – 450g


Extra Nourishing ultimate vegan protein drink with cocoa and coconut flour.
The unique blend excels in a balanced amino acid profile. 55% Protein. Easy to digest. No added sugar

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Ultimate Vegan Protein Drink – Hemp + Pea – Choco Coco


Long awaited synergistic vegan protein from the SUM (Sustainable Ultra-food Manufacturer) workshop … Why go for it?


1 – Balanced Complete Source of Protein
Do you want to have a balanced amino acid ratio with perfect usability and digestibility?
Here you are. Hemp and pea protein in perfect synergy. A perfectly balanced blend. Hemp protein brings BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) – a great complex of edestin (highly digestible and considered the backbone of cell DNA) and albumin, while pea protein pushes the limits of hemp seeds in lysine.


2 – Really Satiate
No, it’s not a refined sticky cocktail. It’s light, yet rich, so useful at any time, even before sports, even before bedtime.


3 – No Added Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners
Yes, no added sugar or chemistry in the form of artificial sweeteners. Protein sweetened only with stevia glycosides, which is a Stevia Rebaudiana plant extract. No empty calories and a tooth-friendly drink at the same time.


4 – Natural Raw Materials Only
It is important. Most raw materials are bio certified. No chemicals. Natural vegan flavours. No stabilizers, preservatives, anti-caking agents etc.


5 – It is Vegan and Gluten-Free
Don’t hesitate. You don’t have to be a vegan or an ecologist to have vegan proteins – but consuming animal proteins can unnecessarily burden the body – in addition, most vegan athletes will tell you that they regenerate more quickly on plant foods. It’s also free of gluten or other potential allergens – which reduces the stress of the body and increases nutritional effectiveness.

Instructions for Preparation: Pour 1 full measuring cup (30g) into a shaker, add 200ml of water, vegetable milk, tea or other liquid and mix well.


Ingredients: Ultimate Vegan herbal protein mixture (hemp protein *, pea protein *), cocoa powder * (reduced in fat), coconut flour *, natural flavourings, guar gum *, sweetener: steviol glycosides (stevia).
* = bio, from organic farming

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Additional information

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