Cannaliz 40mg Organic CBD Vaping Starter Kit in ‘ACTIV’ or ‘HAZE’

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Cannaliz® CBD Vape Pen, Charger and Choice of ‘ACTIV’ or ‘HAZE’ Cartridges made from Organic Cannabis Sativa L. Flower Extract




Cannaliz® CBD Vape Pen, Charger and ´Choice of 5% (40mg) ‘ACTIV’ or ‘HAZE’ CBD Vaping Cartridges

A 280 mAh battery specially designed for all Cannaliz® Vape Pen cartridges, without power button – activates on inhale.
The Cannaliz® battery, with an amperage and voltage lower than the traditional models of e-cigs, is adapted to these special cartridges containing extracts of cannabis (280 mAh, 3.3V).

Both the Swiss made ‘HAZE’ and ‘ACTIV’ 0.8ml cartridges from Cannaliz® contain e-Liquid with 40mg (5%) CBD (cannabidiol) extracted from Organic hemp / Cannabis Sativa Flower and the range of terpenes and sequiterpenes (essential oils) as well as that of cannabinoids (CBD, THC [<0.2%], CBN, CBG, …) is preserved, maximizing their synergies and wide spectrum of action, keeping the natural taste of hemp.

With a capacity of about 300 puffs, these small atomizers are designed by experts for very greasy fluids, which is the case with CBD. The cartridge used in the Cannaliz® Vape Pen is specifically designed for eliquids containing particularly dense cannabis extracts.
The thickness of this eliquid is due to the many cannabinoids and terpenes it contains, while the small capacity of these cartridges ensure a better inhale when used in conjunction with the Cannaliz® battery.

Cannaliz® is produced from hemp grown in Switzerland by applying permaculture, which fully respects the conditions of natural growth; a ‘wild’ mode, therefore it is very rich in active substances (cannabinoids, terpenes and sesquiterpenes), compared to most CBD from commercially grown industrial hemp.

Instructions & Guidance
Inhale for 3 seconds, and hold the vapour for 3 seconds.
Breathe deeply and calmly, which will ensure a good assimilation of the product and a good oxygenation of the body.
It is recommended to slightly shake the cartridge in order to make sure the fluid is homogeneous, as it contains natural extract of hemp.

Product extracted from European Industrial Hemp and contains less than 0.2% THC.

Additional information

Additional information

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