Vegan Food & Drink

Plant Based Whole Foods

More and more people that are serious about their health and looking to either reduce, or cut out completely their intake of meat and / or refined and processed foods are turning to a plant based whole food diet.

At Leaf and Oil we are steadily growing our range of predominantly organic, natural and minimally processed vegan food and drink items.


Plant Based Protein

Hemp protein powder has many benefits. It contains all 9 essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. Hemp protein is also easily digested and if made from whole hemp seeds, rather than shelled or hulled hemp seeds, it can have a high fibre content too.


Hemp Seeds & Hemp Seed Oils

With a range of whole hemp seeds, germinated / sprouted hemp seeds and shelled / hulled hemp seeds, there is an option to suit everybody. This range is complimented with our cold pressed organic hemp seed oil and cold pressed organic germinated hemp seed oil.


Hemp Tea & Coffee

Naturally caffeine free, we have several options of hemp tea, including loose leaf, bags and even a hemp matcha powder. For coffee lovers we have a hemp and coffee blend in various flavours, as well as an awesome CBD infused coffee.


More Vegan and Natural Food Items

Check out the other complimentary natural and beneficial food items, including true grey sea salt from Guérande in France, organic reishi powder and Ceylon cinnamon.
For an alternative to regular baking ingredients, why not try incorporating coconut flour or hemp flour, coconut sugar and natural cocoa powder?.