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  • Annabis S.r.o

    Natural products based on the benefits of Hemp - Thanks to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, soothing, moisturizing and nourishing effects, helps to treat common problems or chronic health related issues with muscles, joints, circulation and skin problems.

  • Canna-Therapy

    Behind Canna Therapy stand our primary values – to be natural, to be responsible and to give maximum premium quality for you and your skin. We combine the latest scientific breakthroughs with our extensive botanical knowledge, focusing on cannabis as one of the strongest and most beneficial plants on earth.

  • Cannaxtract

    Swiss made CBD products using all natural organic cannabis sativa.

  • Dutch Harvest

    Dutch Harvest hemp grows on the far-flung fields of Groningen where the summer sun stimulates it to reach a stunning 3 meter height in only 100 days! Hemp doesn’t require any spraying, improves the soil structure and breaks down vast amounts of CO2.
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  • Hempoint

    Manufacturers of delicious natural and organic hemp foods. Products include hemp tea, hemp salt and spice mixes, hemp cookies, hemp seed oil, hemp protein powder, hemp seeds and hulled hemp seeds.
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  • Hempoland

    Hempoland - CBD Hemp Producer

    HemPoland is the first private company in Poland to obtain a state license allowing it to grow and manufacture Cannabis Sativa L.

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  • KUZA

    KUZA bars offer premium quality chocolate infused with CBD, preserving the complex and sometimes delicate flavours of the cacao as well as maintaining the integrity of the CBD.
  • Medihemp

    The best the whole plant has to offer. Use the power of nature and fulfil your own potential. Medihemp creates pure, natural products that are beneficial to humans, and help us to stay active and healthy.
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  • Pharmahemp

    Producers of CBD based skin care products.

  • SUM

    SUM - Oraganic Hemp Products

    "What hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) offers, we consider it a sin to ignore. We do not know any other plant source with such nutritional potential and an abundance of benefits to our health. Hemp ~ our daily bread!"

  • Vetercann

    Vetercann is a hemp pet care brand of the company Annabis, s.r.o., a medical and cosmetics company based in the Czech Republic.
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